Franco Monari

Franco Monari still life photography

Lacrime di cemento / Tears of cement

(2017 - in progress)

This story is about the intimate relationship that Monari has with the city of Wrocław and Poland in general. As a child Monari spent in Poland a lot of time. It was the end of the 80' and in those years Poland was a Communist country subordinated to USSR. Now instead, Poland change. “What I see today is not the same country when I was a child – says Monari - It's a change that make me very melancholic. Every year I come to Poland and I do not recognize it”.  The current transition from an eastern Europe country to a modern nation pushes to deny the communist period and to delete every trace of the past, a past of which Monari is very fond. The artist then seeks into its mind a memory of some building, a car, a street or a signboard, anything of the past that is related to his childhood and he reconstructs it by the form and colors using styrofoam and paint. The constructed objects are finally photographed. Monari’s work is an emotional and biographical process in which the vanishing colour palette and photographyc filters creates a metaphysical vision and inviting the spectator to a wider and more emphatic reflection.


Franco Monari Wroclaw Nowy Tark
nowy targ

Wroclaw Navicentrum i Naviga
navicentrum i naviga

ul. macedońska

Franco Monari Wroclaw kretka i ołowka
kretka i ołowka

autostrada e40 zgorzelec
autostrada e40

Franco Monari Wroclaw Trzonolinowiec

Franco Monari LOT Polskie Linie Lotnicze
polskie linie lotnicze

Franco Monari Wroclaw Cuprum

Franco Monari Wroclaw Panorama Racławicka
panorama racławicka

Franco Monari sklepy Pewex

Franco Monari Wroclaw Manhattan

Franco Monari Wroclaw Kozanow